Straight from the Studio: The Antiques – Driftwood Doll

by oz on January 23, 2008

Joey Barro

I met Joey Barro and the boys from Banter Records back in April of last year when we recorded our first live session. We started off the night at Tim Bluhm’s (of the Mother Hips) studio where Joey Barro, lead singer of The Antiques, was recording a solo record. Oh, and Jackie Greene was also there (I’m done name-dropping). I’m a big fan of Tim’s, so I did my best not to break something or act like a douchebag in general.

After spending an hour or so at Bluhm’s studio, we drove a few blocks to Michael Winger’s to record our live set with Joey and the guys from Banter. On the way there they blared a song in the car from their earlier recording sessions called “Driftwood Doll” that stuck with me.‚  It’s a great track and they were nice enough to let me share it.

The album is set to be released under The Antiques name (not Joey Barro) and it’s called Season to Season Recordings, Volume 1. Tim Bluhm produced, played drums, and sang back up vocals on most songs and Jackie Greene is featured throughout.

The track is unmixed and unmastered, but sounds damn good already.
The Antiques – Driftwood Doll

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Woody January 23, 2008 at 11:53 am

Really great tune.

mwh February 1, 2008 at 9:37 pm

can anybody chord this terrific tune?

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