XM Tracks: Coconut Records and Octoberman

by oz on January 1, 2008

XM Tracks highlights my new music discoveries via XM Radio, mostly pulled from one of these stations: X Country, XMU or The Verge. These are the two most recent songs that stayed in my head long after my head has left my car.

Coconut Records – “West Coast”

jason schwartzman

As a general rule, I try to avoid any band that was started by an actor. It’s okay if a rock singer ends up becoming an actor (I saw Tom Waits in the classic movie The Outsiders yesterday), but not the other way around. I refuse to listen to Billy Bob or Russell Crowe.

Jason Schwartzman is different. I’ll give him a free pass because “California” by his other band, Phantom Planet, has been a guilty pleasure of mine since it broke out with the first season of the O.C.
Coconut Records – West Coast (courtesy of Anyone’s Guess)

Coconut Records – “West Coast” Video


Coconut Records on MySpace

Octoberman – “Run from Safety”


Octoberman put out a great song called “Run from Safety” that reminds me of Wooden Wand. It’s a nice folk tune and I’m now diving headlong into his full length release, also entitled Run from Safety on White Whale Records.

Octoberman – Run from Safety (courtesy of Three Pints and a Towel)

Octoberman – “Run from Safety” Live Video


Octoberman on MySpace

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