XM Tracks: The Sadies and Jose Gonzalez

by oz on December 3, 2007

Work’s been keeping me real busy lately, but I’m getting enough good tunes on XM Radio to make my music discovery a bit easier. I’ve decided to post tracks that I discover on XM Radio and give credit where credit is due. You’ll see these XM Tracks posts on a regular basis (or at least for as long as I’m an XM subscriber).

Most recently I heard two great songs, one by The Sadies and the other by Jose Gonzalez. I’ve since jumped into The Sadies’s full album called New Season on Yep Roc Records. It’s a fine piece of trippy alt-country. Anna Leigh is one of the quieter tracks on the album, with tempo changes and great guitar-work.

the sadies

I’ve been reading lots of buzz about Jose Gonzalez and I understand why after hearing his track, “Down the Line.” He’s a unique singer-songwriter from Sweden that reminded me a little of Nick Drake.

jose gonzalez

The Sadies – Anna Leigh

Jose Gonzalez – Down the Line (courtesy of KEXP)

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Woody December 4, 2007 at 9:29 am

I had heard a Sadies tune a couple years back and didn’t like it so I dismissed them. As many of you suspect, I am idiot. They are great and their latest disc is top-notch. Love the infusion of surf-guitar in the tunes.

Still no sure on this Jose Gonzalez guy.

Drinking Buddy December 4, 2007 at 12:06 pm

I really enjoy “Heartbeats” and “Crosses”. Haven’t listened to much of his newer stuff.

Am I the only one that is just a little perplexed by a Swedish guy with a Hispanic name singing in English? I truly wouldn’t be surprised if he has a thick Bosnian accent yet also routinely celebrates Boxing Day.

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