Deadstring Brothers – Silver Mountain

by Woody on October 17, 2007

Deadstring Brothers

The other day I had to make a long drive for work, so I loaded up the iPod with a bunch of the new releases. I worked my way through the excellent, but short Cease To Begin, then proceeded to some new Radiohead tunes which left me shivering and cold. I like Radiohead and I think In Rainbows is excellent, but sometimes listening to a Radiohead album for the first time leaves you exhausted. What I needed was a nice, warm rock n’ roll blanket.

Enter Deadstring Brothers’ second release, Silver Mountain, hot off the Bloodshot Records presses. For those unfamiliar with Deadstring, imagine mixing some 70’s era Stones, heavy on the Ian Stewart boogie-woogie piano, Gram Parsons and a little Delaney & Bonnie. Immediately I was greeted with Richards inspired riffs on “Ain’t No Hiding Love” and co-lead singer, Masha, practically coming out of her skin as she delivered the first verse. I was feeling better, remembering the sound of rock and roll. Next was “Meet Me Down at the Heavy Load,” an ode to the club where the band met and came together. Ahh….guitar, piano, searing vocals.

A few tracks later, I hear more Stones and shades of “Moonlight Mile” during “If You Want Me to”, a little “Ventilator Blues” during “Some Kind Of User.” All of the sudden I found myself tapping the steering wheel, singing, and driving 90 past state troopers. Must have been quite the sight.

I love bands like Radiohead, The Decemberists and Menomena that stretch the boundaries of music. Hell, I am still waiting for Peter Gabriel to come to his senses and make a proper Genesis reunion. But that being said, so many times we lose focus on the simplicity of rock and roll and that, when played well, can stand up to any genre-bending release out there.

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Deadstring Brothers – Meet Me Down at the Heavy Load

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