The Spider Bags – A Celebration Of Hunger

by Woody on September 18, 2007

Spider Bags

I stumbled across the Spider Bags innocently enough. I was checking out ‘The Reader’ one day and I saw The Spider Bags on the front cover of upcoming shows. I thought to myself,”Self, that’s a funny name. Wonder what they sound like?” Got online, downloaded aforementioned album and voila. I was in serious like with another band.

The Spider Bags hail from Chapel Hill, NC. While I can’t vouch for their hoops prowess, I can say that they’ve put out one of hell of an album. This is not your polished alt-country release, but instead a rough around the edges, almost sloppy sound that fits their lyrics like a glove. From the opening tracks of “Bad Complexion” and “Waking Up Drunk,” you are immediately hooked on A Celebration of Hunger and it only gets better from there.

“Waking Up Drunk” in particular will strike a chord with every man who has been hounded by his significant other for his late-night antics. The chorus goes like this: “Waking Up Drunk Makes Me Happy, You Just Bring Me Down.”

The Spider Bags are what country music should be. Granted I am from NY, but when I think of country music, this is the gritty sound that comes to my mind. They sound nothing like Drive-by Truckers, but where they are similar is in creating an atmosphere on their album that takes you to another place. Both bands have that gift and a gritty, addicting sound.

How these guys are this far under the radar is beyond me. This is one of the best debuts of ’07. Hell it’s one of the best albums of ’07. I implore you make a visit to their myspace page and then buy this album. You won’t be sorry.

MySpace | Birdman Records

The Spider Bags – The Bottle

The Spider Bags – I Am Sorry I

The Spider Bags – Waking Up Drunk

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