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by Woody on August 18, 2007


1. Night’s like tonight (Friday) are the reason I love living in Chicago so much. Playing together at the historic Metro are two HearYa Live Session alums. Cracklin Moth and The Record Low take the stage at 9 tonight. Also at Schubas, Oz’s favorites (and subsequent influence for the infamous “Pitchfork Ass Blowing” post) Scott H. Biram and Radio Moscow are playing at 10. This would normally be a difficult choice for me; deciding between 2 bands that I know I like but have seen several times and 2 other bands bringing something fresh to the table. However, the decision has already been made for me, I’ll be working at the bar from 9 until 2 tonight listening to acoustic covers of Sweet Caroline and the drunken masses who sing the “ba ba ba”s. Please, someone go in my stead.

The Record Low -The Bottom

The Record Low – These Girls

Cracklin Moth – My Heart Is Leaking

Cracklin Moth – Car Wreck

2. I did however manage to make it to Schubas last night and saw Christians & Lions. Despite getting both a new drummer and lead guitarist within the last month, the band sounded great. I talked to bassist and writer Sam after the show and he said they’d be heading back into the studio once this tour is finished. So expect a new C&L album sometime late this year or early next.

Christians and Lions – Skinny Fists

Christians and Lions – Gimme Diction

3. Speaking of HearYa Session alums, I’m glad to see that Buffalo Killers are headed out on tour with The Black Crowes. Last time I saw them, they were playing to a crowd of 50 people at The Beat Kitchen. The crowds drawn by the Crowes should get the guys some much deserved attention.

Exclusive: Buffalo Killers – River Water (from HearYa Live Sessions)

4. I know I’m late to the game on this one, but the Rhymefest disc Blue Collar, was kind of a disappointment, especially after all the good reviews it got. The thing that got me was the very first track. He starts out with an interlude saying how he’s sick and tired of everyone coping everything thats already out there. Ignoring that he started his album with an interlude, there are several tracks that are sampled (which is just ironic) and there are even the lyrics “Meet them Chicago-Rillas/Yeah..And we some cold hard killas/Meet them Chicago-Rillas/Yeah..We came to get that scrilla.” Not exactly the most original stuff. Bullet is a really cool song, though.

Rhymefest – These Days (Courtesy of Can You See the Sunset)

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Brother August 18, 2007 at 2:21 pm

I’m so jealous that I don’t live in Chicago for the Cracklin Moth, Record Low show. Please, somebody who was fortunate enough to go, write a comment so the rest of us can get feel for what we missed.

oz August 18, 2007 at 6:47 pm

I miss the summers for sure. That’s great about the Buffalo Killers too. I saw them play to a room of 20 people at SXSW and they deserve to be heard by the masses.

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