I Pick My Nose’s Song Obsession Friday! 7.27.07

by oz on July 27, 2007

Here’s this week’s installment of Song Obsessions from a great blog called I Pick My Nose. Make sure to check out his studio session with John Vanderslice.

John Vanderslice – Numbered Lithograph

With him coming down do an in-studio with me this week, there was a lot of listening to Vanderslice’s new album, both because it was new, good and exciting and for “preparation”. I was liking the shear weirdness of the sounds on this one anyway, but he also played it live and I got to hear it stripped down; the songwriting is solid on it as well. f

Abe Vigoda – Animal Ghosts

nice, bittersweet tropical punk (no, not ska¦). they’re playing at ATA in the mission on sunday, and i’m trying my best to go.

Oz (Me):
Cracklin Moth – Eulogy for Bashu (exclusive at HearYa)

Thanks to Adrian, I’m actually obsessed with Or, the Whale right now. At HearYa, however, we recently recorded a live session in Chicago with a band called Cracklin Moth. They’ve released two EP’s and have a unique alt-country sound, thanks to Matt Ammerman’s vocals and Rocco Labriola’s pedal steel. “Eulogy for Bashu” is a previously unreleased track that is glued to my ears.

Steven Jesse Bernstein – Man Upstairs

Steven Jesse Bernstein’s overly precise style promotes obsession. This tale is narrated by a man who has divorced himself from life’s social obligations, yet still intensely focuses on those few interactions he can passively observe. The repetitive description of this daily existence immerses us into his routine. Eventually we become as observant and focused as he is, unconsciously becoming the characters in the story. Attentive repeat spins create as many questions as they answer, as seemingly random details are divulged like bait for a too curious prey.

Band of Horses – Funeral

I wasn’t necessarily obsessed with a song this week, but this one always seems to find its way back into heavy rotation for me, whenever I hear it I have to listen to it at least twice. I love the way it basically explodes out of the quiet parts, making me want to air-drum. The breakdown at the end adds a lot as well. It doesn’t waste any time building, which I usually like, but the suddenness of it works here.

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