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by oz on July 26, 2007

Dead Heart Bloom

I was introduced to Dead Heart Bloom in the car by XM Radio the other day and was shocked to find the band giving away two albums for free on their website. Head on over to find their self-titled and Chelsea Diaries albums ready for download.

This New York city band is led by songwriter, Boris Skalsky. The Beatles and Beck influences on each album are at times less than subtle, which is a good thing in my opinion. It means that Skalsky’s well crafted lyrics are backed with stellar harmonies, strings, and diversity. You’ll hear little acoustic gems and soft vocals on Chelsea Diaries and faster-paced rockers backed by stringed orchestras on the self-titled debut.

Here are a few mp3’s from each album, but head on over to Dead Heart Bloom for the full downloads.

From Chelsea Diaries:

Dead Heart Bloom – Who Will You Love

Dead Heart Bloom – Chelsea Song #2

Dead Heart Bloom – New York City Heat

From Dead Heart Bloom:

Dead Heart Bloom – Sodom

Dead Heart Bloom – The Marchers are Coming

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