Spoon, Okkervil River, Two Gallants and Other Solid MP3’s

by oz on June 6, 2007

It’s time to take a step back and post a few MP3’s I’m in lust with. I’ll leave out lengthy descriptions and let the music do the talking.

It’s no secret that Okkervil River is one of HearYa’s favorite bands. Their new album is out on August 7th. Here’s the first mp3 released:

Okkervil River – Our Life is Not a Movie or Maybe

Here’s the same song from SXSW 2007:

Okkervil River – Our Life is Not a Movie or Maybe (Live SXSW 2007)

Also over at Jagjaguwar, they just released an MP3 for Lightening Dust, which I just wrote about the other day.

Lightning Dust – Listened On

I’m also really looking forward to Two Gallants’ June 19th release, Seems Like Home to Me. I heard most of when it played between sets at the Trainwreck Riders show at the Independent in San Francisco, but I need some alone time with this all (or mostly) acoustic album to do it justice.
Two Gallants – Seems Like Home to Me

Dodge over at My Old Kentucky Blog posted this track the other day and it hit my sweet spot. Take a listen…

Bon Iver (Justin Vernon) – Skinny Love

Meowskers was sent over not too long ago and they have an EP out right now called Fake Orange. If you click over to their MySpace page, you’ll see one fine band pic.

Meowskers – Colors that Lie

And last, but not certainly not least…Have you ever heard of this band called Spoon? I guess they have a new album coming out, but no one is talking about it. I’m assuming you’ve heard this track already.

Spoon – The Underdog

One of the best places to find the fresh indie downloads is the Discollective.

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