One Track at a Time – Pinback – Fortress

by Woody on May 18, 2007


See, I told you it’d be more than a week. Regardless, One Track at a Time is back again with a vengeance, though against whom, I’m not so sure. Due to the density of the last OTaaT (Pit er Pat) and it’s apparent lack of hummability (yes, I made that word up) I’ve decide to go in the exact opposite direction. So enjoy getting this track stuck in your head, just like it’s been stuck in mine.

Pinback has been a band for long time, 9 years to be exact, and that’s an eternity in indie band years. Consistent touring coupled with new EPs and the occasional full length disc have kept them relevant. “Fortress”, from their last official full release, 2004’s Summer in Abandon, is an extremely catchy yet unassuming tune. Looped guitar picking and an electronic drum beat open the song matched with baritone vocals. While the verse isn’t groundbreaking, the chorus manages to use the same chord progression while completely changing the feeling of the song. The vocal line becomes much more staccato and emphatic and is backed by harmony vocals. For the finale, the band layers the two vocal lines, increasing the song’s complexity without sacrificing enjoyability.

Pinback is currently finishing their new album, “Autumn of the Seraphs,” due this fall on Touch and Go Records.

Pinback – Fortress

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