The Shaky Hands

by Woody on May 12, 2007

The Shaky Hands
I just came across this folkie, indie-pop Portland outfit on eMusic and the jangly self-titled debut on Holycene Records has a nice, warm feeling. Its a great album that seems to fit every occasion. I’ve put this on when my parents were visiting, while feeding the children with my wife, and hanging with some friends. I get the same reaction every time – “Who are these guys? They’re pretty good.”

Absolutely right. Unlike some bands that only fit certain moods, The Shaky Hands feel good all the time. The album’s happy-go-lucky vibe reminds me of Four Year Bender’s Lucky. Not so much in the sound, but that I always seem to reach for it, no matter my mood. (Side note – Listening to The Sword while feeding infant twins will not make your wife happy).

While the whole album is an enjoyable listen, “Sunburns” is probably the highlight for me. It begins with the requisite folkie whistling backed by a little rat-tat-tat on the drum-rims. Add a meandering bass line and some acoustic guitars and voila, you have yourself a pretty damn good tune.

Are The Shaky Hands breaking down barriers with their album? No, probably not. But they did put out a fine debut that makes me feel like having a group hug.

The Shaky Hands – The Sleepless

The Shaky Hands – Summers Life (courtesy of Said the Gramophone)

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