Christians and Lions – More Songs for Dreamsleepers and The Very Awake

by Woody on May 4, 2007

Christians and Lions
My love of Christians and Lions is much like my love of San Francisco — recent, underfunded, and certainly limited. Some time away from my job recently coincided with my dad’s business trip, affording me a trip to the Bay Area and a travel partner. While I spent only a week under the California sun, I managed to squeeze in plenty: a round of golf on the beautiful Monterey Peninsula, a buzzed afternoon in Napa Valley, a few days in downtown SF, and even a performance at an open mic on a borrowed guitar in the shadow of Lombard Street. While I certainly couldn’t call myself anything close to an expert (as of yet) on San Francisco, I can definitely attest to it’s vibrancy and life. And assuredly, once my pocketbook is more secure, I will return.

Similarly, Christians and Lions, of Boston, have recently crept into my ears and grabbed my attention. While I don’t have their entire CD (as of yet), the few songs that I have heard, I simply cannot listen to enough. While most of the research I’ve done refers to them as a “folk” band, I hear much more acoustic blues and pop in their writings, as though Kings of Convenience really let loose. My favorite track, “Skinny Fists,” begins subtly enough with a picked acoustic guitar melody and breathy, yet paced, vocals. Drums, bass, and a twangy guitar join in after over a minute and the momentum quickens to a trot. However, there is no transitional chorus, and the song continues to build. Finally, after nearly two thirds of the song, the tempo quickly changes to a waltzy crawl and infuses European influenced horns and duel vocal lines that weave over one another. The drastic tempo and time signature changes keep the cyclical chord progressions from becoming monotonous and tiresome.

So here’s to hoping that I’ll be more knowledgeable dealing with both San Francisco and Christians and Lions soon. Actually, come to think of it, I did just get my tax refund in the mail today.

Christians and Lions – Skinny Fists

Christians and Lions – Gimme Diction

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oz May 5, 2007 at 5:49 pm

Nice find. I’m digging the horns on Skinny Fists.

Woody May 6, 2007 at 7:05 am

I agree. Nice find. It has a nice easy sound to it. Its available on for those who use that service.

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