One Track At A Time – Pit er Pat – Solstice

by Woody on April 19, 2007

Pit er Pat

In an attempt to keep myself consistently writing new articles here at HearYa, I have conceived an idea of a weekly column with set criteria and intent. With goals, deadlines, and assumed publication, articles will be (ideally) submitted once a week dealing with a single track; hence: “One Track At A Time.” In, each article a new track will be showcased and why it should be heard. There are no criteria for which band or track is picked and everything from The Beatles to Page France to Third Eye Blind to Soul Position will be taken as potential choices. So, with the hope for consistency, here is your first “One Track At A Time”

Chicago natives Pit Er Pat, barring either massive artistic altercations or a sudden and drastic societal artistic coup, will, unfortunately, never attain mass appeal. Their sound, however small of a niche it may occupy, is infinitesimally important to the future of music. The trio is comprised of flowing bass lines, off kilter keyboards played by a meek voiced chanteuse, and a drummer who is far too talented for his, and really the band’s, own good.

Their newest album, Pyramids, released on Chicago’s Thrill Jockey Records in 2006, is a collection of 11 songs mixed between lyrical and instrumental. Solstice is hidden well enough in the back half of the CD after listeners have grown accustom (if that’s even possible) to their sound. A rolling drum beat backs up a alto piano melody comprising mostly of triplets and an extremely lucid bass line. The overall jazzy funk of staccato drum clicks and a consistent piano rhythm could easily pass as a slower dance rhythm for the open minded. While a chorus is difficult to pick up, there are definite changes that occur, most obviously the bridge, which might be identified as the keyboard “solo.” The only uniformly lengthy notes in the song bring a sense of anxiousness not only due to their spacing, but also their dissonance that Pit er Pat seems to love. While Solstice is not their most aggressive nor off the wall, it is a good showcase of their capabilities.

Until next week(-ish), take it One Track at a Time.

pit er pat – Solstice

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Shawn April 19, 2007 at 4:34 pm

Very cool feature and a nice find. This is why I continue to come back: HearYa always digs up a band that I really enjoy listening to.

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