SXSW 2007 Band Sampler, MP3 List

by oz on February 18, 2007

SXSW 2007 recently released the schedule and posted every band profile. The majority included an MP3, but it was tough to sample the tracks without making clicks. This list should make it considerably easier on your digits.

Aa – Thirteen

AA Sound System – Laissez Faire

About – Think Niles Drink

A Cursive Memory – Figure Out

Peter Adams And The Nocturnal Collective – Cementalisque

Pierre Aderne – Cristalina

Air Traffic – Charlotte

Alabama Thunderpussy – Words of the Dying Man

All the Saints – Double Windsor Hassle

ALOKE – Nameless

Alternative Champs – Monkey Boy

AM – Stepping Stone

Scott Amendola – Oladipo

American Flamewhip – Candyman

American Princes – Open Letter

Amplified Heat – Heart Attack

AM Syndicate – Kicking a Sailor in the Teeth

The Apples in Stereo – Energy

Arbouretum – Pale Rider Blues

The Ark – One of Us is Gonna Die Young

Che Arthur – Dead Trajectories

Art in Manila – Our Addictions

Asakusa Jinta – Tokyo East End Rockers

At All Cost – Death to Distraction

Au Revoir Simone – Fallen Snow

Austin TV – Rucci

Awesome Cool Dudes – Dorm Room Disco Fantasy

The Awkward Stage – Heaven is for Easy Girls

The Bad Rackets – Couple Million Miles

Balkan Beat Box – Bulgarian Chicks

The Band of Heathens – Bumblebee

Bang Bang Bang – Southern Band

Bang Gang – Find What You Get

Jill Barber – Hard Line

Ceci Bastida – Que No Te Digan

Beangrowers – The Priest

Beat the Devil – Shine in Exile

Bedroom Walls – Somewhere in Newhall

Kim Beggs – Lips Stained Red with Wine

The Berg Sans Nipple – Mystic Song

Bermuda Triangle – It Feels Good

The Besnard Lakes – And You Lied to Me

Jim Bianco – Handsome Devil (reprise)

Bigbang – Saturn Freeway

Big Ben – Playa Fo Life

Carly Binding – So Radiate

Bisc1 – HeavyMetal

Bishop Allen – Click Click Click

BJC – Gente del Funk

Irina Bjorklund & Peter Fox – Casse-Moi

The Black – Eshu Blues

Blackhearted Force – Drop Low

Black Joe Lewis – DC Killa

Blacklist – Language of the Living Dead

Black Moth Super Rainbow – Forever Heavy

Black Tie Dynasty – Tender

BlĦĦdHag РAnne McCaffrey

Bleubird – Hell Country

Blindspott – Yours Truly

Blues Control – Frankies Problem

The Blue Van – Don’t Leave Me Blue

BOAT – Last Cans of Paint

Bonde do Role – Gasolina

Bone Box – Dragging Wires

Bon Savants – Between the Moon and the Ocean

Bosque Brown – Tell Her

Mark Bragg Band – Born Trade

Brand New Sin – Old

Brave Radar – They Mean No Harm

The Breakup Society – Robin Zander

Brighton, MA – Bet You Never Thought

Broadfield Marchers – Kingdom for Lions

Broken Teeth – Undertaker

Tom Brosseau – Dark Garage

Findlay Brown – Come Home

Ane Brun – To Let Myself Go

Brute Force & Daughter of Force – Space Mission

Jim Bryson – If by the Bridge

Buck 65 – Kennedy Killed the Hat

Buddy – Silent Treatment

Burrito Deluxe – When it Comes Down on You

Busty Duck – My Dandyrama

Nick Butcher – Minutes Overlap

George Byrne – Paralysed

Cadence Weapon – Sharks

Calla – Swagger

Callisto – Wormwood

Call Me Poupee – Singapore Slang

The Cape May – Spring Flight to the Land of Fir

The Capitol Years – You Can Stay There

The Caribbean – The Go From Tactical

Adam Carroll – Alright

Peter Case – Shot Through

The Cassettes – Lady Faire

Castanets – All That I Know

Gavin Castleton – Hymn 2 – Women’s Care in E Flat Major

Catfish Haven – Crazy for Leaving

Cat Scientist – Rocks and Trees

DJ Ceeplus Bad Knives – I dunno (dub) edit

Champion – No Heaven

The Changes -When I Wake

Charanga Cakewalk – El Ballad de Jose Campos

Child Abuse – Pre-Emptrive Preapism

Children Collide – We are Amphibious

The Chumps – I’m a Chump

The Cinematics – Keep Forgetting

Cities – Capitol

Classified – Find Out

The Cliks – Oh Yeah

Clockcleaner – Vomiting Mirrors

Clorox Girls – Boys/ Girls

Chris Colepaugh and the Cosmic Crew – Caught up to You

COLISEUM – Defeater

Colour Revolt – Mattresses Underwater

the Comas – New Wolf

Billy Cook – 1 Room Vacancy

Hugh Cornwell – Picked up by the Wind

Coughee Brothaz/14K/Rob Quest of the Odd Squad – Those

The Coydogs – Nothing on Me

CPC Gangbangs – Teenage Crimewave

The Crack Pipes – Q & A

The Crash – Pony Ride

Creature – Pop Culture

Sally Crewe & The Sudden Moves – Wake Up the Heroes

AJ Croce – Maybe I’m Amazed

Rob Crow – I Hate You, Rob Crow

Cruiserweight – Burst the Bubble

Cry Blood Apache – Funny Money

Crystal Castles – Air War

Cut Off Your Hands – You and I

The Cynics – I Want it All

Daddy A Go-Go – For Those About to Walk (We Salute You)

Daedelus – Sundown

The Dagons – It Flies Out

Dan Deacon – The Crystal Cat

Danielia Cotton – Make You Move

David Karsten Daniels – The Dream Before the Ring that Woke Me

The Dansettes – Oh My!


Rocky Dawuni – Wake the Town

Daylights For The Birds – Worlds Away

Dead Child – Angel of the Odd

Deaf in the Family – Who Are You

The Deaths – Turn for the Worst

Death Ships – Story Never Gets Old

Debate – Ze Rico

Deerhunter – Cryptograms

Delicious Food – Will to Doubt

Kris Delmhorst – Light of the Light

Delorentos – Any Other Way

Damien Dempsey – Patience

Dengue Fever – Sni Bong

Martin Devaney – An Open Letter

Alela Diane – The Rifle

Die! Die! Die! – Year Nine, Yeah!

The Diffs – Master Plan

Dionysos – Tes Lacets sont des Fees

Dirty Fuzz – Love’s a Gun

Dirty on Purpose – No Radio

The Dirty Skirts – Feeling the Pressure

Dislike – Alone

Dixie Witch – Out in the Cold

Don Caballero – And and and, He Lowered the Twin Down

Doujah Raze – Hard Times

The Downbeat 5 – Laughin’ Out Loud

Daniel Francis Doyle – Ready to Develop

Dreamend – Can’t Take You

Drumcorps – Botch up and Die

DSR Featuring Big Tuck & Tum Tum – I Know You Want That

Dujeous – Sometimes

Paul Duncan – Red Eagle

Thomas Dybdahl – A Lovestory

Dynasty Handbag – Fading Away

The Early Years – Say What I Want To

Eastern Conference Champions – Noah

Ana Egge – Straight to My Head

E>K>U>K – KeMo Thera-P

Electrico – Love in New Wave

The Electric Soft Parade – If That’s the Case, Then I Don’t Know

Elemeno P – 1157

Eli Paperboy Reed & The True Loves – Take My Love With You

El Jesus de Magico – New Moses

Peter Elkas – Wall of Fire

The Emeralds – Love Fire

The Ends – Nice Quiet You

Erase Errata – Tax Dollar

Errors – Mr. Milk

The Ettes – No More Surprises

Eugene – Circles

Evangelicals – Another Day

Evan Seleven – Pay to Win

Experimental Aircraft – Walk Away

The Explorers Club – Forever

Jern Eye – Authentic Vintage

The Femurs – Not Giving Up

Fernando – Howard Hughes

Ferraby Lionheart – A Crack in Time

Melissa Ferrick – Closer

Jessica Fichot – Le Grenier

The Field Guides – Stonebreaker

Field Music – Sit Tight

The Finches – House Under the Hill

Finn’s Motel – Of Cycles and Engines

Fish Karma – Fifty Caliber Christ

Flaming Fire – Gun Through a Razor

Foreign Islands – We Know You Know It

The Forms – Stravinsky

Fouled Out – Truth

Tobias Froberg – When the Night Turns Cold

Fucked Up – Baiting the Public

Fujiya & Miyagi – Ankle Injuries

Funky Nashville – Hitch a Ride

Future Clouds And Radar – Quicksilver

Gallows – In the Belly of a Shark

David Garza – Ready to Fly

The Gaskets – Left Hand

Gasoline Cowboy – Beach in Cali High

The Gay Blades – Bob Dylan’s 115th Nightmare

The Gear – Eight Arms to Hold You

Genghis Tron – White Walls

The Gentle Good – Amser

Georgie James – Need Your Needs

Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly – The Chronicals of a Bohemian Teenager (Part One)

Laura Gibson – Hands in Pockets

The Glass Family – Swimming in Fiction

the Glasspack – Taming of the Ram

Glossary – Shaking Like a Flame

Goldenboy – Summer of the Evening

The Golden Boys – If I Can’t Hold You in My Arms

The Golden Dogs – Never Meant Any Harm

Goldrush – We Will Not Be Machines

Golem – Warsaw is Khelm

The Goodnight Loving – Dead Fish on the Banks

Gore Gore Girls – Fox in a Hole

The Gossip – Standing in the Way of Control

Grafton – Never Had Less

Grand Analog – I’ll Walk Alone

Grand Island – US Annexed

The Grass – Oranges

The Great Spy Experiment – Class ‘A’ Love Affair

Green Milk From The Planet Orange – Concrete City Breakdown

Grimskunk – Wakin’ and Bakin’

The Hacienda Brothers – What’s Wrong with Right

Hank IV – Hole in My Eye

The Hard Lessons – Bamboo

Harris Tweed – Beautiful Mystery

Elias Haslanger – Street Beat

Sean Hayes – Same God

Headlights – TV

HEALTH (CA) – Chrimewave

The Hedrons – Heatseeker

Helene – This is all we Have to Know

Hera – Don’t Play This

Ray Herndon – Grain of Salt¦and a Shot of Tequila

Ari Hest – So Slow

High Class Elite – Turn of the Century

The High Strung – The Baddest Ship

KJ Hines – Capital City

Micah P. Hinson – Jackeyed

Hiromi – Time Out

Eric Hofbauer – Dukes of Hazzard

Hogpig – Heatcar

Holy Fuck – Lovely Allen

Honeydogs – Rattling My Tin Cup

Hopewell – Afterglow

The Hormonauts – Staying Alive

Hot Club De Paris – Sometimesitsbetternottostickbitsofeachotherineachotherforeachother

Hot IQs – Elephant in White

Hot Live Guys – Robbin’ a Bank

The Hourly Radio – Deaf Ears

The Houstons – Hardwoods

Hummersqueal – Cobra

Jana Hunter – Babies

Hyakkei – Quki

Hymns – It’s a Shame

Hypernova – Consequence

Frida HyvĦnen РYou Never Got Me Right

Iamx – Spit it Out

I Can Lick Any Sonofabitch in the House – Westboro Baptist Church

i heart hiroshima – Candy Cut

iLiKETRAiNS – Terra Nova

Illinois – Alone Again

I Love You But I’ve Chosen Darkness – According to Plan

Immaculate Machine – Broken Ship

Inward Eye – Disaster

Ruby Isle – Into the Black

The Isles – Eve of the Battle

The Jack West & Lalo Vibe – Closer to the Sky

Essie Jain – Glory

Garland Jeffreys – Hail Hail, Rock n’ Roll

The Jellydots – Bicycle

Jets Overhead – Seems so Far

Eilen Jewell – Back to Dallas

Johnossi – Man Must Dance

The Jonbenet – Why We’re Dead

Mike Jones – Green Mills Blues

Junk Science – Do it Easy

Kaki King – Gay Sons of Lesbian Mothers

Karkwa – Le Coup d’etat

Kathleen Grace Band (KGB) – Songbird

Kava Kava – Funked Up and Freaked Out

The KBC – Poisonous Emblem

Stephen Kellogg & The Sixers – Girlfriend as Pretty as You

Kid Beyond – Mothership

Kidz in the Hall – Wheelz Fall Off

Christian Kiefer – Afterglow

Keith Killgo Jazz – Way Back

Dawn Kinnard – All in Your Head

Kinski – The Wives of Artie Shaw

Bill Kirchen – Hammer of the Honkey Tonk Gods

Oleg Kireyev and Exotic Band – East

David Kirton – Time for Change

The Kissaway Trail – Smother + Evil = Hurt

Kiss Kiss – Machines

K’NAAN – If Rap Gets Jealous

Koopa – Blag, Steal and Borrow

Kraak & Smaak – Keep Me Home

Kristy Kruger – Little Pollyana

The Krum Bums – La Plaga

KTU (Pohjonen, Gunn, Mastelotto) – Absinth

Ana Laan – Paradise

Lab Partners – Love Don’t Care

Ladyhawk – War

La Gusana Ciega – Angeles Educado

Seth Lakeman – Setting of the Sun

Dawn Landes – Body Guard

Land Of Talk – Speak to Me Bones

LAPKO – All the Best Girls

The Last Town Chorus – Modern Love

Chris Lee – Crawl Back

Le Meu Le Purr – Concrete Butterfly

Lemurians – Sanctis Vicus

The Lennings – Floyd

Lesbian – Black Forrest Hamm

Les Breastfeeders – Tout va pour le mieux dans le pire des mondes

Electric Apricot featuring Les Claypool – Burning Man

Chris Letcher – Deep Frieze

Lethal Bizzle – Mind Your Head

Let’s Go Sailing – Sideways

Lexie Mountain Boys – Hi, Yeah Vein

Limbeck – Big Drag

Lionheart Brothers – Hero Anthem

Lions – Movement (Live at Emo’s)

Lions In The Street – Mine Ain’t Yours

Eliot Lipp – Flashlight

Listener – Ozark Empire

Little Man – Undertow

The Little Ones – Lovers Who Uncover

Live Fast Die – Pissing on the Mainframe

Lodger – I Love Death

LoneLady – Cattletears

Loney, Dear – I am John

Lords (UK) – The Unfortunate Death of the Lords

Lords (US) – Stigmata Rights

Los Abandoned – a la mode

Los Llamarada – Break the Silence

Charlie Louvin – Must You Throw Dirt in My Face

LZ Love – My Higher Love

Lower Class Brats – Go Insane

Lower Life Form – Elevate

Low Line Caller – It’s Like I Think We’re About to Leave

Lucero – What Else Would You Have Me Be?

Ludicra – Dead City

Cara Luft – Black Water Side

Luminous Orange – Every Single Child

Macromantics – Scorch

Magic Surprise – Forget About It

Malajube – Etienne D’Aout

Mammļt РMidnaeturmetall

Maneja Beto – Entrudo

Dan Mangan – Journal of a Narcoleptic

Jo Mango – My Lung

The Manhattan Love Suicides – Kick it Back

Manic – Chemicals for Criminals

Manikin – Stand Still

Maps & Atlases – Every Place is a House

Maritime – Tearing up the Oxygen

Carolyn Mark – Firworks

Melissa McClelland – Passenger 24

Eugene McGuinness – Bird on a Wire

Nellie McKay – Food

Shawn David McMillen – Texarkana 1971

MC Trachiotomy – Lemme ‘Splain

Walter Meego – Through a Keyhole

Melee – Built to Last

The Melismatics – Industry of Cool

Menwhopause – Father Monologue

Meriwether – Girl in Mexico

Messiah J & The Expert – Place Your Bets

Metalchicks – We Are the Warriors

Metro Riots – When You’re Gone

Mexican Institute of Sound (MIS) – Mirando a las Muchachas

Mezklah – Chango Arana

Michael Zapruder’s Rain Of Frogs – Red Violins

Michelle Shocked – Hardcore Hornography

Midnight Movies – Patient Eye (Edit)

Mika Miko – Capricorinations

Chris Mills – Chris Mills is Living the Dream

Minipop – Like I do

Ruth Minnikin – Southern Misfortune

MINSK – White Wings

The Mint Chicks – Crazy? Yes! Dumb? No!

Mistress Stephanie And Her Melodic Cat – Shake Your Dance Stick

Anais Mitchell – Your Fonder Heart

Mittens on Strings – The Most Complete Skeleton Ever Found

Mobile – See Right Through Me

Mohair – Stranded

The Mohawk Lodge – Wear ’em Out

moi Caprice – moi Caprice

The Monas – Cae la Noche

Money Mark – Pick up the Pieces

Money Waters – More than Life

Monotonix – Summers and Autumns

The Moog – I Like You

Mor Ve Otesi – Parti

Mother Mother – Touch Up

The Mother Truckers – No Mercy

The M’s – Plan of the Man

Muck and the Mires – Don’t Let Her Get Away

Muddy World – Iron Ant

The Mullens – Out With the Boys

MuteMath – Typical

My Second Surprise – Perfect Cure

The Narrator – SurfJew

Nina Nastasia & Jim White – Jim’s Room

Nathan – The Wind

Navruz – Navruz

Nayrok – Cry Me a River

Necropolis – Driving the Interstate

The Needles – Let You Down

Negmaron – Next Generation

Nekomushi – Waltz

Nervous Hospital – Bone Loss

Nethers – O The Deed

New London Fire

The New Flesh – Leather

Night of Pleasure – Godard vs. Truffaut.

The 1900s – Bring the Good Boys Home

Scott Nolan – Golden

Northern State – Better Already

Nuclear Family – Girl Song

Ocelot – Lo Sforzo (The Stress)

OFFICE – Big Band Jump

Oh No! Oh My! – Walk in the Park

Ola Podrida – Instead

The Old Soul – River of Daughters

Old Time Relijun – Daemon Meeting

David Olney – Sweet Poison

Omni – Batterie

One Umbrella – Generative Deviation

Onion Creek Crawdaddies – Far Side of Nowhere

Oppenheimer – Breakfast in NYC

Outformation – Tennessee Before Daylight

owkmj – The Sea

Ox (Canada) – Miss Idaho

Oxbow – Skin

Oxford Collapse – Please Visit Your National Parks

Palaxy Tracks – Posthumous

Palm School Choir – One Good Rock Show

Panda & Angel – Dangerous

The Panda Band – Musical Chairs

The Pandas – High Birds

Papa Mali – Honey Bee

Paper Moon – Turning Colours into Greys

Paris Motel – Bullet

Pattern is Movement – It’s the Wine

Paul Collins Beat – Hellen

Pawa Up First – Payback

The Paybacks – Call When You’re Ready

Peel – In the City

Peelander-Z – Y.Y.Y.

Joep Pelt – Kick the Habit Face the Demon

Pete and the Pirates – Come on Feet

The Phantom Family Halo – Lady Blue

Phonograph – Watch and Ward

Picastro – Sharks

Adrienne Pierce – Laundry and Dishes

The Pigeon Detectives – I Found Out

Patrice Pike – Beautiful Thing

The Pinker Tones – Sonido Total

Pink Nasty – BTK Blues

Pink Reason – Throw it Away

Poison Idea – Jihad Love

Emma Pollock – Limbs

Pompeii – Numbers

Pop Levi – Sugar Assault Me Now

Popup – Chinese Burn

Power Pill Fist – SagaDraga

PowerSolo – Kat Nazer Powersoul

PPT – Frustrated Work it Out

Praise the Twilight Sparrow – Get There if You Can

Andy Pratt – Avenging Annie

Prisonshake – Shake Me

The Procession – Major and Minor

Prosser – Summer Song 3

Protokoll – Moving Forward

Joe Purdy – Blue in the Sky

Pusher – Cronenburg

Josh Pyke – Middle of the Hill

Quetzal – Migra

Quien es, BOOM! – Brittle Britches

The Race – Feathers

Rafter and Friends – ZzzPenchant

Kristoffer Ragnstam – Breakfast by the Mattress

Raising The Fawn – Gwendolyn

Raunch Hands ‘ Bigg Topp – Sophisticated Screw

The Redwalls – Memories

Relay – Driver

The Reverend Peyton’s Big Damn Band – My Old Man Boogie

Reykjavik! – 7-9-13

Lou Rhodes – Tremble

Richard Earl – Ridin’ All Night

River City Rapists – I Never Sleep

Robbers on High Street – The Fatalist

Rock Plaza Central – My Children Be Joyful

Carmen Rodgers & Geno Young – Honeydew

Roommate – New Steam

Rubicks – Midas

Rusted Shut – Shot in the Head

Ryno – You Know It

Sahara Hotnights – Cheek to Cheek

Shawn Sahm and the Tex-Mex Experience – Why Don’t Ya

Samamidon – Tribulation

The Sammies – Trainwreck

San Saba County – Psalm 102

Sasquatch – Judge

Saturday Looks Good To Me – The Girl’s Distracted

Danny Saul – History

Say Hi To Your Mom – These Fangs

Danny Schmidt – This Too Shall Pass

John Schooley and his One Man Band – Cat Squirrel

Scissors for Lefty – Lay Down Your Weapons

Sea Wolf – You’re a Wolf

Second Movement – Featherweight

The Service Industry – My Next Job

7 Shot Screamers – Love Always, Charlie

Shapes and Sizes – Islands Gone Bad

Shapes Have Fangs – What in the World

SHAT – Vegetarian

Shedding – GB

Robert Shields – Reason Why

Shot x Shot – Bee Assassins

Shout Out Out Out Out – Dude, You Feel Electrical

The Shys – Call the Cavalry

Signal To Noise – Weather Machine

Simian Mobile Disco – Tits and Acid

Alina Simone – Saw-Edged Grass

Simple Kid – Seratonin

The Sippy Cups – Drinking From the Sky

Sissy Wish – DWTS

Sister Flo – White Noise

65daysofstatic – Drove Through Ghosts to Get Here

Skratch Bastid – Jugglin Justin

Skye – Love Show

Slaraffenland – Paranoid Polaroids

The Slats – Call My Telephone

Slot – Orchid Taster

Smallwhitelight – Disco Love

Drew Smith and His Band – Able to Sustain

Chris Smither – Origin of the Species

Smut Peddlers – Rebatron Peddlers

Snowden – Anti Anti

Sole – Self Inflicted Wounds

Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin – Oregon Girl

So So Modern – Upgrade Your Chassis, It’s a Pythagorean Party

Soulico – howwedoit

Soweto Kinch – Love Gamble

Spark Dawg – What Must I Say

Sparkle Motion – Try

Spektrum – Don’t be Shy

Spigga – Human What?

Spod – Let’s Dance!!!

The Spores – Heat Seeker

Leeroy Stagger – Where I Live

Starky – Hey Bang Bang

Stars Of Track And Field – Centuries

Steaming Wolf Penis – Vampire Mustache

Marnie Stern – Every Single Line Means Something

The Sterns – Supreme Girl

The Stitches – Cars of Today

Samantha Stollenwerck – Japanese Single

The Storys – Cinnamon

Stylofone – Hot Stepper

The Summer Wardrobe – Ned Kelly

Sunwrae – Catch Me if You Can

Astrid Swan – Rock n Roll Blonde

Swan Island – Crumble

The Sway Machinery – Shalom Alechem

Sunny Sweeney – Ten Years Pass

Richard Swift – The Songs of National Freedom

Sybris – The Best Day In History In Ever

Tacks, the Boy Disaster – Frozen Feet

Tammany Hall Machine – Mega Lamb

The Teeth – Trumpet’s Blared

Telephone Jim Jesus – Blue in the Face

Luke Temple – Saturday People

Temposhark – Joy

Pete Teo – Lost in America

Ter’ell Shahid – Butterflies

The Theater Fire – These Tears Could Rust a Train

The50Kaitenz – Theme of The50Kaitenz

These Arms Are Snakes – Horse Girl

31Knots – Man Becomes Me

This Moment In Black History – Garbage In Garbage Out

This Will Destroy You – I Believe in Your Victory

Rosie Thomas – Much Farther to Go

Those Peabodys – ¦and other volcanoes

Thriving Ivory – Angels on the Moon

Through the Sparks – Mexico

Tijuana Hercules – Fighting off the Evil Eye

Pam Tillis – Band in the Window

Tiny Vipers – Shipwreck

Todosantos – OMG We Got It

To Live And Die In LA – What We Have Is Now

Totimoshi – Viva Zapata

Toubab Krewe – Devil Woman

Trainwreck Riders – Christmas Time Blues

Trances Arc – The Parliament

The Trashies – Let it Be Thrashed

Triclops! – Mi Plisboy

The Trucks – Shattered

Tullycraft – Stowaway

Tulsa – Our Eyes Fill Up With Water

Turbonegro – All My Friends Are Dead

Turn Me On Dead Man – Galaxina

TURZI – Amadeus

22-Pistepirkko – I Knew

The Twilight Sad – And She Would Darken the Memory

Two Dollar Bash – The Devil and The Angel

Two Hoots and a Holler – Dance Hall Swing

Two Ton Boa – Cash Machine

Ume – Hurricane

Unbusted – Yeah Right

Uncle Monk – Mr. Endicott

Unified Tribe – Back and Forth

Upground – Oye Chica

David Vandervelde – Jacket

Chad VanGaalen – Mini TV’s

Via Audio – We Can Be Good

The Victorian English Gentlemens Club – Ban the Gin

The Village Green – When the Creepers Come In

Vincent Black Shadow – Child of Orion

Vincent Van Go Go – Do You Know?

V.I.P. (Philly) – Spooky

V.I.P. – Versace Ice Platinum – Tombstone

Patricia Vonne – Texas Burning

Voxtrot – Trouble

Peter Walker (CA) – What Do I Know

Peter Walker (NY) – Celebration

Kate Walsh – Your Song

Warmer Milks – Pentagram of Sores

Washington Social Club – Jarvis Cocker

Sara Wasserman – Fly Away

Wativ – Dean

John Watts – What a Time to Live

Wax Fang – Sweet Bloody Murder

Waxplanet – Turn Me Up

The Waybacks – From the Pasture to the Future

We Are the Fury – Better Off This Way

Levi Weaver – Good Medicine

The Weird Weeds – One-eyed Cloud

When Dinosaurs Ruled The Earth – Let’s All Get Fades

The Whigs – Violet Furs

White Christian Romance – Waste

White Denim – Don’t Look That Way At It

White Ghost Shivers – Mama Said

The WiLd EyeS – Breakdown

Willowz – Nobody

Abram Wilson – Gonna Be Alright

Windom Earle – Kitten Vs. Pegasus

WinterKids – Hear Me Out

Winterpills – Broken Arm

Wintersleep – Jaws of Life

Andrew Winton Duo – Lucky Boy

The Woggles – It’s Not About What I Want It’s What You Got

The WOMBATS – Moving to New York

The Wrights – You’re the Kind of Trouble

X-Wife – Ping Pong

YB – Flesh and Blood

Yip-Yip – High Heel

The Yoko Casionos – Loose Cannon

Yolz in the Sky – I Ready Neady

You Am I – It Ain’t Funny How We Don’t Talk Anymore

Young Widows – The Charmer

You Should Go Ahead – Wake Up Song

Youth Group – Catching and Killing

Yuppie Pricks – Hummer in My Hummer

The Zebras – You Look Ready

The Zico Chain – Where Would You Rather Be?

The Zincs – Head East Kaspar

Zykos – Wipeout (Try Waking Up)

zZz – Ecstacy

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doppler February 18, 2007 at 7:06 pm

For the really greedy, there’s this, released earlier today (Sunday 02/18/07):
That’s 739 songs in 3.1Gb.

Roger February 21, 2007 at 12:12 am

This site posts all the mp3s in .zip file every year — very fast download until people figure out they are up there:

oz February 21, 2007 at 7:42 pm

Thanks for the files guys. I’m beginning to feel like I wasted an entire Saturday for nothing.

Kathinka February 24, 2007 at 10:49 am

I like your list a lot. Think it’s easier to use then what on the sxsw web 😉
btw loved Bermuda Triangle track It feels good…

Richard Crowley February 26, 2007 at 3:37 pm

Thanks, guys. You saved my life night.

Richard Crowley February 26, 2007 at 3:38 pm

“life” in that last comment should have a line through it, but my HTML got stripped.

Judie February 27, 2007 at 12:09 pm

Wow.. and hey I can get my mits on a free Kava Kava tune too.

Adrian February 28, 2007 at 4:04 pm

Very cool. I’m going through all of them–we’ll see how long that lists.

Just FYI: it looks like it’s not 100% correct (it’d be tough for a list this long to be, I think). For instance, it seems like they’re no ‘The Ark’ on the SXSW site. Also, you seem to missed this army of me mp3.

stumpy March 5, 2007 at 1:56 pm

no way, it was worth it putting this together. they’ll pull that ZIP file down doon enough, and I’d rather user ReGet to pull the files individually from here than manage a 1.5GB d/l. THANKS!

stumpy March 6, 2007 at 10:41 am


I got errors/no links on the following (56) tracks:

A Cursive Memory – Figure Out
The Ark – One of Us is Gonna Die Young
Beangrowers – The Priest
Jim Bianco – Handsome Devil (reprise)
BJC – Gente del Funk
The Blue Van – Don’t Leave Me Blue
Brand New Sin – Old
Brighton, MA – Bet You Never Thought
Broken Teeth – Undertaker
Burrito Deluxe – When it Comes Down on You
DJ Ceeplus Bad Knives – I dunno (dub) edit
the Comas – New Wolf
Rob Crow – I Hate You, Rob Crow
Daddy A Go-Go – For Those About to Walk (We Salute You)
Die! Die! Die! – Year Nine, Yeah!
Don Caballero – And and and, He Lowered the Twin Down
E>K>U>K – KeMo Thera-P
The Electric Soft Parade – If That’s the Case, Then I Don’t Know
Fernando – Howard Hughes
Fujiya & Miyagi – Ankle Injuries
Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly – The Chronicals of a Bohemian Teenager (Part One)
Grimskunk – Wakin’ and Bakin’
HEALTH (CA) – Chrimewave
Ray Herndon – Grain of Salt…and a Shot of Tequila
The Hormonauts – Staying Alive
i heart hiroshima – Candy Cut
Junk Science – Do it Easy
Kathleen Grace Band (KGB) – Songbird
Kidz in the Hall – Wheelz Fall Off
Koopa – Blag, Steal and Borrow
KTU (Pohjonen, Gunn, Mastelotto) – Absinth
Lexie Mountain Boys – Hi, Yeah Vein
Loney, Dear – I am John
Lords (UK) – The Unfortunate Death of the Lords
Lords (US) – Stigmata Rights
MC Trachiotomy – Lemme ‘Splain
Mexican Institute of Sound (MIS) – Mirando a las Muchachas
Midnight Movies – Patient Eye (Edit)
Mor Ve Otesi – Parti
My Second Surprise – Perfect Cure
Nayrok – Cry Me a River
The Needles – Let You Down
Nuclear Family – Girl Song
The Old Soul – River of Daughters
Poison Idea – Jihad Love
Sahara Hotnights – Cheek to Cheek
Sister Flo – White Noise
Slaraffenland – Paranoid Polaroids
Smallwhitelight – Disco Love
The Spores – Heat Seeker
Starky – Hey Bang Bang
Luke Temple – Saturday People
Through the Sparks – Mexico
Unified Tribe – Back and Forth
The WiLd EyeS – Breakdown
The WOMBATS – Moving to New York

Howard March 9, 2007 at 2:16 am

Mountain music. It originates from the days of yore, when jug bands were prominent and folks found rhythm out of objects on hand: washboards, butter churns, jugs, cow bones.For more details on music varieties click on music bands

Ido Schacham March 9, 2007 at 2:45 am

Damnit, there’s so much music out there…

mp3 lover January 2, 2008 at 8:05 am

Super list! Trying to download some tracks.

Linda January 2, 2008 at 8:08 am

lovely music, give it more!

Carl Hedman January 30, 2008 at 10:55 am


Roger February 22, 2008 at 10:32 am
Dave February 23, 2008 at 2:36 am

2008 SXSW files are available for download as a zip file here:

Or as a torrent here:

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