The Dexateens – Hardwire Healing

by Woody on February 13, 2007


The Dexateens third effort is co-produced by DBT’s own Patterson Hood and much like 2005’s Red Dust Rising, Hardwire Healing continues to move The Dexateens further away from their inception as a punk band of the 90s.

Their continued embrace of the Southern lifestyle, along with Hood’s contribution, have the Alabama outfit’s latest effort sounding more and more like DBT. Coming from me, that’s about the best compliment you can get. The Dexateens’ songwriting and production are much sharper on this effort. Its as if Hood let them know that it’s alright to wear your heart on your sleeve every once in awhile and expose yourself. “Nadine” and “Downtown” strike a more emoational core, but The Dexateens haven’t gone soft. The three-guitar attack still has some teeth left in it, as evident on “Makers Mound” and “FYFEE.”

Check out the MP3 and video below. I don’t really have a rationale explantion for the video but hey’s it worth 4 minutes of your life. The disc is worth much more. If you are a fan of DBT, run, don’t walk to pick up this fine effort.

The Dexateens – Naked Ground

The Dexateens – “Neil Armstrong” Video‚ 

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oz February 13, 2007 at 3:31 pm

God, I’m a sucker for the pedal steel. I’m halfway through the album on rhapsody and am craving a cold (or warm) beer. Loving it. Great find woody.

Sara Leah February 19, 2007 at 7:14 am

Thanks Woody. This is a great write up.

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