Radio Moscow, Dirty Psychadelic Blues

by oz on February 8, 2007

Radio Moscow

Alive Records sent us the upcoming Feb. 27th release from Ames, Iowa’s own Radio Moscow a few weeks ago. Radio Moscow got their break when Parker Griggs, the lead singer/guitarist, handed Dan Auerbach of The Black Keys a demo at a show. Obviously Auerbach was impressed enough to produce their self-titled debut in his own studio.

As for the overall sound of the band, I would describe it as heavier, more psychedelic version of The Black Keys. Parker Griggs is the driving force in the band. On their debut he handles the songwriting/vocals/drummer and most importantly the guitar. In a time where a current guitarist can’t make a top 100 guitar solos of all time list, Griggs couldn’t have come along at a better time. His ability is unquestioned. He has a distinct sound. Alive describe it as “fuzzed out psychedelic guitar.” I describe him as phenomenal. His playing is far from linear as there are constant tempo changes and experimentation that give his playing a sense of impulsiveness that keeps you wanting more.

“Lickskillet”, which is an instrumental, is my favorite track on the album but I couldn’t track down an MP3. “Frustrating Sound” is the next best thing. Enjoy some real crafty guitar work on the video and mark your calendar for Feb 27th. If you’re in the midwest, check their tour dates.

Radio Moscow – Frustrating Sound


Alive Records

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Woody February 8, 2007 at 9:35 am

These guys are amazing. There a couple of times during that album that it feels like your listening to Disraeli Gears.

Mofongo February 9, 2007 at 10:34 am

I’m a fan of this disc as well. I look forward to seeing the live show. While, for obvious reasons, Radio Moscow is comparable to the Black Keys, I agree they still have their own unique approach and sound.

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