Airborne Toxic Event – Making a Name on MySpace

by Woody on January 20, 2007

Airborne Toxic Event

Airborne Toxic Event was one of the Rolling Stone top 25 MySpace bands. They recently shot us a 3-song EP. In my brief blurb about them before, I referenced The Killers. Curiously enough this 3-song EP has the same number of good songs as The Killer’s latest effort. Three. The EP is a strong initial effort from this LA based band. While there is a consistent sound throughout, each song is unique in its own way and the lead singer’s delivery fits perfectly with the accompanying music.

If you are a fan of Interpol and/or The Editors, keep this band on your radar. Right now they are unsigned, but I expect this to change shortly.

Airborne Toxic Event – Does this Mean You’re Moving On

Airborne Toxic Event – The Girls in Their Summer Dresses

Airborne Toxic Event – Wishing Well

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LA Times February 2, 2007 at 5:04 pm

i know this band! Mikel, the lead singer, used to review bands for the LA times before he left us to be the head editor at Filter magazine. I’m glad to see he found another outlet to channel his prudeness.

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