Wooden Wand and The Sky High Band – Second Attention

by oz on January 1, 2007

Wooden Wand

Wooden Wand (James Toth to his mama) is one singer-songwriter to get excited about. I haven’t heard any of his previous efforts, but the aptly titled Second Attention gets better and better every time I hear it and I can’t stop listening. This is not the type of album you’d expect from a modern day up and comer. It’s a lo-fi, blues-folk-gospel album that draws more biblical references than I could count on my fingers and toes.

I found myself listening to songs over and over again, searching for their meaning. For instance, I’m pretty sure “Sweet Xiao Li” (pronounced Oh-Lee) is a song about a man that’s in love and running off with a hooker, much to the dismay of her pimp, Shorty. “No one hits harder than Shorty,” the song explains.

After listening to more references about Lucifer, Lazarus, gypsies, sin, redemption and crucifixion, I decided to give up on searching for Wooden Wand’s meaning and I began stumbling upon my own interpretations. Maybe that’s what James Toth intended; to turn complex, obscure lyrics into simple sounding songs that each listener can make their own.

Second Attention reads like a book of poetic short stories, and if you give it some time, you can get lost in it.

Wooden Wand and the Sky High Band – Portrait in the Clouds MP3

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Woody January 2, 2007 at 8:54 am

Cool song. Nice find.

Jason February 26, 2007 at 8:30 pm

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