Rolling Stone’s Top 25 Bands on Myspace

by Woody on December 27, 2006

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Sometimes Rolling Stone loses their focus and it becomes a glorified Entertainment Weekly. I have been a subscriber for over 20 years and in addition to Matt Taibbi, there are a couple of things I still like about the magazine. One is their recent contest to find the top 25 bands on MySpace. In effort to saving you the trouble of listening to all of them, here are some quick reviews.

  1. The Airborne Toxic Event – “Wishing Well” – CA: New Wave band in the likes of The Killers. Hopefully the lead singer is not as big of an ass as Brandon Flowers. Anyway the song is good, better than half of the last Killers album. Definite Cure and Bowie influences.
  2. An Pierlƒ© & White Velvet – “How Does It Feel” – An Pierle is a fairly known Belgian. The music is not really my speed but she has a beautiful voice. Feels like she’s going to fall apart at any time, like a China Doll.
  3. Astro Junkie – “Don’t Say Another Word” ‘ Power pop noise about how angry they are. From ATL. Didn’t really like it. A bad Blink
  4. Band Marino – “Every Time I Make A Girl Cry I Know I’ve Done My Job” Really liked these guys. The song was a nice piece of indie pop. Feels like they have a little alt-country influence which makes a nice mix with the indie pop. On second listen, this was my favorite of the 25.
  5. The Beauty – “Abbi” – Portland, OR. A poor man’s Prince but I like the effort. He could be good. I liked this song at the beginning but the beat just wore on me after awhile. Definitely worth monitoring.
  6. Bedtime For Toys – “Mona Lisa Pt. 2³ a bad 80’s rap band complete with bad synth and worse guitar work. The woman’s voice annoyed the piss out of me.
  7. bill – “Watercolors” – California power-pop. Solid tune. Can”t decide if I really like it or not. Need a few more listens, but worth your time.
  8. BLACK AFFAIR – “Japanese Happening”: British – Crappy club music with lots of samples.
  9. B.O.S.C.H. – “Mehr” – German industrial metal. Not my speed. Reminded me KMFDM but I am by no means an authority on that.
  10. CosmoBrown – “Illusion”: Brit dance pop. It’s okay, but nothing I would ever listen to. Probably fun to listen to if you have a few too many pints in London club.
  11. Couple – “Now That I Can See” power pop from Kuala Lumpur. Yes that Kuala Lumpur. Actually pretty good and worth a listen.
  12. The Fancy Claps – “Holly” – Toronto based garage-rock. These guys are brand new and the recording was poor but I liked their sound. Actually listened to another song and the sound was crappy as well but it was a very good tune. Worth keeping on your radar.
  13. Ferns – “Disaster Strikes Again” – Dreamy power pop from Malaysia. Pretty darn good as well. I like the music. I just wish the lead singer sang with a little more authority and stopped whispering every line.
  14. Kolja – “Let It Be – No Fears” – Frog folk music. And its pretty good. Will definitely listen to more of him
  15. Locksley – “Don’t Make Me Wait” Pretty good garage music from this transplanted Wiconsin band. Reminded me of the first Nic Armstrong and The Thieves disc.
  16. Los Super Elegantes – “Je Suis Bien” LA based Latino Punk Pop. Would never listen to at home but would probably have a kick-ass time seeing live. High energy with a good beat, with a nice mix of mariachi horns.
  17. Miniature Tigers– “The Wolf” – This was OK. Pretty tame indie pop out of Phoenix.
  18. Night Driving in Small Towns – “Close Encounters” – Valdosta, GA band. Pretty chill band with a female singer. She has a real pretty voice and the music is real relaxing.
  19. Ryan Marks Productions – “High Tide” – A 16 y/o from Santa Barbara mish-moshes a lot of different sounds to come with a pretty cool tune. That being said it’s nothing I would ever listen to again.
  20. Shannon Hurley – “Sunrise” Singer-songwriter from Burbank. Something you could see playing in a college dorm room of the girl you’re making a move on. Pretty cool lyrics.
  21. State Of Ohio – “Wasted in a Vase” – Garage band. Not really impressed
  22. Ultra Sonic Edukators – “Salle Green” Chicago based indie band. Didn’t come away impressed.
  23. The Voom Blooms – “Thoughts of Rena” – Interpol/Editors type band from UK. Good tune. Politics and Cigarettes is a better tune and worth listening to.
  24. White Shoes and the Couples Company – “Tentang Cita” Your basic Indonesian indie pop band. Pretty cool chillout music.
  25. Y.O.U. – “Break” – 90’s grunge rocker. Would fit perfectly on a soundtrack.

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Astro Junkie January 16, 2007 at 11:36 am

0 responses….

Good job.

Bad Blink?

You are an idiot

Pete Bognor January 31, 2007 at 5:55 am

got it a bit wrong about that black affair number ‘japanese happening’- that’s quality stuff. listen again bro. February 6, 2007 at 7:08 am
sam September 9, 2007 at 12:45 am

I sell software for bands to build there myspace presence and with almost every order I check out the bands home page. I havent herd of some of these and wonder how long they will be around. I actually liked the astro junkies thou. 🙂

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