The Arctic Monkeys: Part 2, Part 3, etc., etc., etc.

by Woody on December 5, 2006

The Arctic Monkeys debut released earlier this year was tremendous. Overly hyped, yes. It’s a great disc, but I read a review that listed it as one of the top five British albums of all time. My two year old can name 10 better without giving it much thought.

Well it now appears that the The Arctic Monkeys have become the new Strokes because everybody is trying to be them and every reviewer is using “Arctic Monkeys” to describe the new “it” bands. Music writers and bloggers are all trying to track down the Arctic Monkeys’ heir apparent. I admit, I’m as guilty as the next guy and have used The Strokes in describing many a band: The Whigs, The Libertines, Kings of Leon, etc.

The Kooks

In the last couple of months, I’ve heard two bands in particular that were labeled with The Arctic Monkeys moniker. The first is another UK band called The Kooks. The Kooks are British and do play guitars, but I would say that’s where the similarities end. The Kooks debut, Inside In/Inside Out is good, not great. I enjoy listening to it and there a couple of really catchy tracks but I wouldn’t throw them in the same class as The Arctic Monkeys quite yet. Some of the better tracks include “Eddie’s Gun”, “Ooh La” and “She Moves Her Own Way.” Also love “Jackie Big Tits” for the name alone.

Tokyo Police Club

Next up on The Arctic Monkeys express is The Tokyo Police Club. I heard them described as Canada’s answer to The Arctic Monkeys, only better. Yeah, on second thought…no fucking way. Their EP debut A Lesson In Crime spans 16 minutes and seven songs. Not one song lasts longer than three minutes and oh how they love the hand claps. While this does sound a little more like The Arctic Monkeys and they are from Canada, it sure as shit ain’t better The Arctic Monkeys.

A Lesson In Crime sounds a little forced, almost as if they were trying to out-monkey the Monkeys. And there is no out-monkeying The Monkeys. The only song that really stuck with me was “The Nature of The Experiment.” The rest just kind of drifted by, especially when they slowed things down. They were almost interminable even though they lasted only 2-3 minutes.

As I trudged home in the Chicago snow on Friday I was cranking The Kooks and singing along, but will I be listening to either disc in a year? Probably not.

The Kooks, Naive


Tokyo Police Club, Nature of the Experiment


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oz December 6, 2006 at 10:12 am

NME’s “Best British Albums of All Time” deserves a post in itself. That’s a best of all time list? Who writes this stuff?

Drinking Buddy December 28, 2006 at 9:43 pm

Phenomenal post. Can you write something about Panic! At the Disco at some point? I loathe them.

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