Amie Street Roundup

by oz on November 21, 2006

Last month I wrote about Amie Street, a new site where indie musicians can upload music and consumers can download music for free and then for a fee as each song gains popularity. As a user, you can prepay for a small amount (I added $10) and they actually show your account funds in cents (I have 945 cents left) to spend on any music you find. If the songs aren’t already free, that is.

After using the site for two days, I feel like it could take months to go through my $10 for a few different reasons. First of all, there isn’t much music on the site yet. Secondly, for the music that does exist, I found it hard to navigate. And lastly, lots of the music is still free for our downloading pleasure. They do have lots of Patrick Park material, but I already own Lonliness Knows My Name. I’ll keep scouring the site as best I can and post the nuggets I find on HearYa.

Here’s my first round of Amie Street downloads and the prices for each. These downloads are all well worth the cents.

Play Naturally, Middle Distance Runner, Plane in Flames ($0.44 – Great hand claps)

Play Post Traumatic Stress, Carlon, Suburban Heel EP ($0.08)

Play Ferris Wheel, Carlon, Suburban Heel EP (Free)

Play Liquor Store, Uncle Lucious Band, Something They Aint ($0.02)

Play 97 Reasons, Uncle Lucious Band, Something They Aint ($0.05)

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Elias December 6, 2006 at 9:24 pm

You definitely have to add Manic Boogie, 8 o’clock or At the Devils Side by the Shake ( They are just NUTS.

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